Garnet Astrophyllite Tower

Garnet Astrophyllite Tower

Haus of the Dead
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These spectacular towers have numerous sprays of sparkly Astrophyllite with Garnet crystals dotted throughout. 

Astrophyllite is a unique and rare formation of titanium silicate and is a powerful spiritual growth stone. 

Meanwhile, Garnet is a crystal of strength, courage, passion and empowerment.

They are all extremely beautiful and have similar patterns. Prices vary dependent on weight. From left to right the weight and measurements are as follows:

  1. 156g - 105mm x 25mm
  2. 164g - 100mm x 30mm
  3. 111g - 95mm x 24mm
  4. 116g - 93mm x 25mm
  5. 128g - 93mm x 28mm
  6. 136g - 90mm x 29mm

Please keep in mind that although no filters have been used, these are natural stones and will not only vary in colour but will show up slightly different on camera.